It's been several years since I've created anything using Final Cut Pro, so I figured I'd dust off my old mac and try it out on a simple YouTube Video Intro Scene.

To start off, I first created a logo in Sketch that was around 300x300 pixels but unfortunately, once rendered, the image was pixelated. I then tried to resize it using the transform tools inside Final Cut Pro, however after a few tries, it was clear to me that I needed to create a larger image dimension. So, back to Sketch to blow it up "super big" or something like 2000x2000 pixels. The video will render at 1080P so it's best to go big. Although, in hindsight, I should have checked for proper dimensions first. Oh well...

Ok, now that the logo is in the timeline, I created a fade in and a fade out on the logo itself by selecting "Command + T". Nice! Next, I added some thunder from the Final Cut Audio Library. I trimmed the audio to fit the length of my intro video. Originally, my target length was 3 seconds, although I eventually ended up with a 9 second intro).

The intro really comes to life when you add audio to it. I did my best to align the fade ins/outs to match the audio dynamics.

Have a look at the final result:

As you can see, it's pretty basic, but it makes a great YouTube Introduction Video in my opinion because it's just "that" simple.

Please let me know what you think in a comment below. Also, please subscribe to the Youtube Channel.

Happy Recording!